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July 29, 2017, 10:00pm Report to Moderator

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There does not seem to be a topic for this already, although some discussion here & there in other topics.  I wasn't sure which section would be best for this, so I'm posting it in Aesthetic Mods.

This came up in a recent topic, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a topic about cruise control (CC).  Whether troubleshooting an existing system, or adding it to your non-CC equipped CAT.  Below is a pic (fingers crossed) showing most of what you will need to add CC to a CAT.  A few things are not pictured below, such as the CC switch stalks, which are only found on the intermittent wiper control switch stalks.

Since we were talking about this, I decided to pull down my box of parts in my garage, which I had pulled from a Geo Prizm GSi.  The box of parts has been sitting for years.  Thankfully I took plenty of pics of the wires as I was cutting them in the junkyard, and tried not to cut them in some cases.  I believe some of this wiring only has sections cut out, as in, something under the hood ran through a grommet in the firewall and connected to something else.  Others were probably inaccessible under the dash, even though I remember pulling the dash out to get at this wiring.

I do know what some wiring with connectors needs to be added to the switch stalk wiring harness plug (on the steering column) in order to run the stalk controls to the CC computer.  You can de-pin these from any junkyard Corolla harness, or from the CC donor vehicle.

CC computer is behind the passenger kick panel.

Dash has a CC switch, which may need to be relocated on your dash from the stock location.  We have a rear wiper switch that a sedan or coupe may not have.  Curious enough, the Prizm GSi I found was a 5-door model with a rear wiper.  I can't remember the dash button configuration, though.  I'm planning to remove the blank to the left of my steering wheel and placing the CC switch there.  I could always link the extra rear desfroster switch to some fog or roof rack lights.

You need the pedal arm with the actuator cable.  I think (hope) the Teflon-covered part of the arm pulls on the stock gas pedal.  I really hope I did not need the gas pedal from the CC-equipped car.  I can check the Toyota part numbers later to see.

Actuator and that other odd thing above it in my pic are in the engine bay, along the passenger side frame.  The actuator sits near the washer fluid reservoir and the engine mount, and the other part is by the firewall, IIRC.  All mounting points are already drilled & tapped, at least on my '88.  The T section of hose isn't connected to the actuator in my pic, just sitting under it.  It does connect to it on a port, then to the intake manifold, and probably to that other piece whose name escapes me.

Not pictured is the brake pedal switch and harness plug for CC, and possibly a unique switch & harness plug for the clutch.  I know the brake pedal switch for CC is a unique part, so you will need to pull that harness plug & wiring from the donor CC car along with the switch.  Or you may be able to de-pin your non-CC brake switch connector, then re-pin to the CC plug, with the extra wires.  For the clutch pedal, I can't remember.  It may be that a wire is tapped into the existing clutch pedal switch.  Again I can update this later.  I wanted to get all my thoughts out first.

Granted all of this came out of a 4A-GE smallport powered Prizm, but that's perfect for me since I'll be running one someday anyway.  Engine first, cruise control later   4A-FE CC computer, actuator and/or cable, may be different.  I'm not sure.

In any case, someday I do plan on adding this to my wagon.  When I make progress, I will update this!

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Outstanding write up Rouge!!!

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